Past Shows

Past Shows

OYP Theatre School has been staging productions since 1991.
Here is a sampling of student work from previous seasons.

2014-2015 season

May 19, 6:30 pm OLP Tuesday “Who’s in Lion’s House?” Tour “Chicken Noodle Fairy Tale Soup”
May 20, 6:30 pm On Camera Beginner “Spring Shorts” On Camera Advanced “Clever Clips”
May 21, 6:30 ACT I/II Friday “Contest for the Crown”
le 23 mai, 14h30 Théâtre pour enfants ”Le vilain petit canard” Théâtre musical ”Les souliers magiques”
May 23, 6:30 pm Junior Musical “In the Land of Seuss!” Intermediate Musical ”Daughters of Triton”
May 24, 2:30 pm VLP “Hansel and Gretel Elves” OLP Saturday “Hansel and Gretel” ACT I/II Saturday “Hocus Pocus Corpus”
le 24 mai, 19h30 Théâtre pour adultes “La Smala”
May 25, 6:30 pm Jr Shakespeare/ACT II Monday “How Many Kids Does it Take to Go on an Adventure?” ACT III Monday ”Science Tutor Disaster”
May 26, 3:00 pm Homeschool Drama “Sunlight and Moonlight”
May 28, 6:30 pm ACT III Thursday “Unfortunate Series of Murders” Inter Improv “Superhero Support Group”
May 29, 6:30 pm Improv and Comedy “THE LEEAK”/ Teen Creators “The SS Recovery”
May 30, 2:30 pm Young Musical “Lost in the Forest”/ACT I Thursday “The True 3 Little Pigs”
May 30, 6:30 pm Senior Musical “Forest”
May 31, 6:30 pm JR/Intermediate Musical “Orphans” ACT III Friday “Last Chance High”
June 13, 2:30 and 7:30 pm OOPS presents “Robin Hood!”

2013-14 season

5 avril, 19h30 Il ne suffit de presque rien (Théâtre Musical)
April 6, 7:30 pm Supernatural Shakespeare (Jr. Shakespeare) and The Great Sleepover Adventure (Jr./Intermediate Musical)
April 10, 7:30 pm A treatise on Canadian Flora and Fauna (Improv) and Julius Caesar (Senior Shakespeare)
April 12, 7:30 pm A Land for Us (Junior Musical) and Northside Story (Intermediate Musical)
May 1, 7:30 pm Cathy Canuk (Radio Podcast) and Our Country (ACT III Tuesday)
May 2, 7:30 pm On Camera
May 3, 7:30 pm OLP Monday, Finister Frets (ACT I Tuesday), and Adventure North (Tour) May 4, 7:30 pm Journey to Magical Places (VLP), Ogopogo (OLP Saturday), and ACT II May 9, 7:30 pm The Contest (Senior Musical)
May 10, 7:30 pm Munsch Ado About Nothing (OLP Thursday)and Emily of New Moon ACT II Thursday)
May 16, 7:30 pm ACT III Thursday and A Sticky Situation (ACT III Friday)
May 17, 7:30 pm ACT I Thursday and The Blair Road Witch Project (ACT II Friday)
May 23, 7:30 pm, Anne of Green Gables (Spring FUNdraiser All Ages Play)
May 24, 2:30 & 7:30 pm Anne of Green Gables (Spring FUNdraiser All Ages Play)
June 6, 7:30 pm The Forerunner (Teen Creators)
June 7, 7:30 pm Oh My Canada (Young Musical) and Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate (ACT I Saturday)
8 juin, 19h30 Théâtre pour adultes
June 12, 7 :30 pm Dick Tracy and the Murder Under the Big Top OOPS Daytime
14 juin, 19h30 Une nuit de contes (Troupe d’ados) & Le Grand Livre du Canada (Théâtre pour enfants)
June 21, 2:30 and 7:30pm Bugface and the Princess (OOPS)